Our Services

Our Services

Navigating the Path to Your Perfect Fit

Guiding individuals and employers toward ideal matches, assisting in career journeys, and helping businesses find their perfect team members

Contract Management

We offer our client Contract initiation, Contract execution, Contract administration and Contract termination

Payroll Services

We provide Online access to payroll information, Automatic tax withholding, Direct deposit, Employee self-service

Tax Compliance

We help our Corporates in income tax (CIT), Value added tax (VAT), Personal income tax(PIT) and Other taxes.

Social Security Management

Enrolling workers and their employers, Calculating and paying benefits, Administering the unemployment insurance program

Relocation and Local Registration

We help Candidates to provide Work Permit, Residence permit, Zameldowanie, PESEL, Register with the local

Legal Compliance

Adhering to laws, regulations, and ethical standards, ensuring legal integrity, trust, and responsible business practices.